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Transported by the Breva to discover the beauty of Lake Como

Experience Lake Como on board a boat

Set off with our skipper Luca to discover the most evocative corners of Lake Como. On board Breva, a Venetian Taxi Boat, you will experience an adventure on the water among breathtaking views, historic villas and enchanting villages overlooking the waters of the deepest lake in Italy.

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the boat

Her name is Breva, like the typical breeze that blows on Lake Como. It is a classic and beautiful Venetian taxi boat, made of wood, with details in elegant Tiffany green. The comfortable and spacious interior can accommodate up to 12 people with the possibility of sitting and admiring the view that the lake has to offer and relaxing lulled by its waves.


His name is Luca and he will be your captain in this adventure aboard Breva. Part skipper and part Cicerone, Luca is always ready to listen to you, tell you interesting anecdotes and answer your questions, while he will accompany you and your group of friends to the most enchanting places on the lake. With a profound knowledge of the most characteristic corners of the lake, of the best restaurants and clubs in the center and of the Upper Lake, he will be able to advise you best for any stops on land.


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Create your personalized tour on Lake Como.

The possibility of choosing between shorter or longer tours in the different areas of Lake Como and our skipper’s great experience and knowledge of the area will allow you to customize your tour on the lake as you wish.
Trust Luca for advice on the best itinerary based on the time you have and on the tastiest places to stop for lunch and dinner.

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Get on board! A unique experience awaits you…

Experience the magic of Lake Como cradled by the sweet waters of the lake